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The Skin Repair formula from Elim Institute helps you achieve healthy, younger and radiant skin.

This formula is a proven and effective way to actually rejuvenate your skin. The formula consists of 5 steps, which together form a complete picture of your health. The Skin Recovery formula serves as a guide for the treatments and cosmeceuticals products and preparations, resulting in a result-oriented treatment method.

Step 1: Elim Skin recovery formula examination

During step 1 we can find out exactly what your skin needs to improve by means of the skin measurement. We look at, among other things, your moisture, fat and elastin levels. A skin ultrasound is performed, so that I can see how much collagen and elastin is present in the skin. We look at the protective layer of your skin whether it is still in a good condition. If your protective layer is not good, your skin will age much faster and sun damage will occur much faster.

A cheek glue test is also taken in step 1. The cheek glue test is unique, Elim Institute is the only skin specialist in the Netherlands that can actually see how it is with the health of the body and the skin and thus a completely appropriate for you treatment.

With the RC cheek glue test it becomes clear:

  • How your intestines function, are your vitamins (from food but also supplements) properly absorbed?
  • How does your immune system stand for?
  • What the degree of cellular oxygen in your skin is.
  • What your cellular age is Diverent (this is usually 20 to 30 years older than your actual age!) Furthermore, we look at how much collagen, connective tissue and elastin is still present in your body.
  • Whether and to what extent there are inflammations in your body. Inflammation causes many skin problems. The level of toxins such as mercury, lead, E number and other heavy metals becomes visible. What is also important to know if you want to stop your skin aging.
  • How many free radicals there are in the body. Free radicals cause premature skin aging.

This test was developed in collaboration with Naturopath Rassie Erasmus and he will carry out the investigation of the RC cheek glue test.

Step 2: Cosmeceuticals skin products

Cosmeceutical is a combination of the words ‘cosmetic’ (cosmetic) and ‘pharmaceutical’ (medicine). Cosmeceuticals are care products that lie between beauty care and medicines.

These products work not only superficially, but also in the deeper layers of the skin (living cell layer). Because they work deeper into the skin than cosmetics for example, these products actually stimulate collagen and elastin production (responsible for firm and even skin). The ingredients in a cosmeceutical are able to permanently change the skin. The concentration of active ingredients is much higher than in a cosmetic line.

Because I really want to improve the skin, I have chosen Cosmeceuticals in my salon and because we are already exposed to toxins enough in our daily lives, I think it is important to use 100% organic products.

Step 3: Beauty Preparations – supplements

Unfortunately, there are far fewer vitamins and minerals in our food than 20 years ago. In addition, we experience more stress, we have an unhealthy lifestyle and we are faced with harmful external influences (such as environmental pollution). All of this also has a negative impact on the skin.

The skin therefore deserves some extra help in the form of nutricosmetics (supplements). Nutricosmetics are specialist supplements for cosmetic purposes such as anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, skin improvement and resolving skin problems.

They contain building materials, vitamins, minerals and essential fats for protecting, nourishing and improving the skin. They support the body in the maintenance and production of new connective tissue, collagen and elastin and provide a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin.


Step 4: Skin rejuvenating treatments

In addition to proper nutrition from the inside, the right treatments ensure quicker and better results when rejuvenating the skin. Two treatments that I completely love, is the Dermapen and Exilis Protégé.

The Dermapen makes small holes in the skin by means of 11 tiny vibrating needles. You do not see or feel these holes, but they do their job. As a result, the skin will activate the skin’s own recovery mechanism, resulting in an increased production of both collagen and elastin.

In addition, treatment with the Exilis is also very suitable for rejuvenating the skin. The Exilis Protégé radio frequency method is the solution to reduce the volume in your skin. It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin in a natural and healthy way. In addition, it fills wrinkles in a natural way.

Elim Institute also offers many other skin rejuvenation treatments, so there is always a treatment that best suits your skin.


Step 5: Elim Skin recovery feeding schedule

Nutricosmetics help the body to supplement vitamins and other essential substances. Of course, however, it remains very important to eat healthy. Fresh food, seasonal products and as little processed food as possible will make your skin shine.

Together with nature scientist Rassie Erasmus I developed the Elim Skin Restoration diet plan. The schedule is very complete, yet easy to use in your daily food choices. You know exactly which diet contributes to healthy skin and which diet prevents skin aging. And you learn which food you do not have to combine, so that the skin ages faster.

The Skin Recovery diet plan ensures that the previously mentioned steps can do their job better.

Elim SKIN method ®

The steps from the Elim Skin Recovery formula together form the SKIN method. Our SKIN method ensures that the skin function recovers, so that the skin becomes fuller, tighter and smoother. Botox is made redundant with this effective method. Inflammation, scars and red spots are visibly reduced.

How is the unique, natural SKIN method built?

Special treatments: The S stands for the “Special treatments” with which we work in our institute. The combination of the latest medical equipment with our unique personal treatment methods improves your skin with a long-lasting result.

Powerful results: The K stands for a “Powerful result” and we achieve this by examining the skin in advance with the Elim Skin Recovery research. This gives us insight into the shortages, think of connective tissue and collagen and can start to recover with cosmeceuticals that penetrate the living skin layer.

Internal from the inside: The I stands for “Internal from within”, we also address the cause of the problem from within. We work with nourishment for the skin, beauty preparations (supplements) which makes the skin fuller and firmer, reduce wrinkles and increase the energy level of the customer. You will also receive personal nutritional and exercise advice.

Natural way: The N stands for “Natural way”, we work only with natural products without chemical color, fragrance, paraffin and mineral oil.

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